HIV/AIDS awareness

The Foundation aims at undertaking healthcare programs that help in the improvement of healthcare services as well as advocacy for prevention of poverty related diseases such as; HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. It intends to launch an HIV-AIDS awareness campaign, aimed at fighting the spread and prevalence of those ailments while stemming outbreaks of epidemics. The foundation will be partnering with other like-minded organizations worldwide.

The Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation programs fill vacuums in global health, helping to prevent needless suffering and build hope for millions of the world’s poorest people.

A leader in the eradication and elimination of diseases, the  foundation fights preventable diseases by using health education and simple, low-cost methods. These efforts have brought to resource-limited communities better disease surveillance and health care delivery systems. Because communities often are burdened by several diseases, the Foundation also is pioneering new public health approaches to efficiently and effectively treat multiple diseases at once.

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